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Welcome to our website.
CFB Company is an independent concrete laboratory situated in Gdańsk. For over 10 years, we have operated within the construction industry. We put a lot effort, experience and passion into our work. Since 2008, we have started consulting activity under the name Alchemia CFB. In 2010, we opened concrete laboratory at the A4 motorway construction site in Biadoliny Szlacheckie. At present, our laboratory is located in Gdańsk at Kepler Street 28.
We are responsible for providing full technological services for the purposes of projects, from concrete mix design and control of concrete at the construction sites, to laboratory research of hardened concrete, and finally, to the preparation of expert opinions and technical analyses of completed facilities.

We design concrete mix compositions for road engineering, housing and bridge construction, as well as prefabricated and ready-mixed concrete. We offer professional consultancy to producers, investors, contractors and supervisory units.
We are the first company in Poland to have designed and produced bridge concrete of B80, F150, W8 class without the use of micro-silica.

We carried out a series of research projects concerning FDC, SCC and BWW concrete. We specialise in concrete mix design. We enjoy challenges and our motto is ?Nothing is impossible, it may only be difficult.?

Laboratorium Technologii Betonu CFB (CFB Concrete Technology Laboratory) puts the emphasis on research aimed at achieving better workability of fresh concrete mix and enhancing its strength, as well as other properties.

New concrete additives are constantly tested; therefore, we always remain one step ahead. Soon, we plan to establish the Accredited Centre for Concrete Research and Development